The Run

Run2Heal - 3000 Miles to Prevent & Treat Child Abuse

The statistics are sickening. As many as one in three girls and one in six boys is sexually abused before the age of 18*, but nobody wants to talk about it. Christian Griffith – athlete, entrepreneur, and abuse survivor – in association with Help For Children, is working to change that. Run2Heal is an event that aims to raise $1 million for the prevention and treatment of child abuse.

Will you join us in the fight?


Run Route

Beginning in New York City, the 3000-mile route will take Christian to many of the Help For Children regional offices including New York, Chicago, Denver, and San Francisco. Interested in having Christian visit your organization? Want to run with us?  


Our Runner

Christian Griffith has run hundreds of races. He runs obstacle course races and survival runs, and has participated in both the NBC reality competition, American Ninja Warrior, and the History Channel reality documentary series, The Selection: Special Operations Experiment, in which he was one of only four participants to finish and win the event.


Support Team

A run of this magnitude – through twelve states, over five months – would be impossible without the help and support of a team of knowledgeable crew members, sponsors, supporters, donors, friends, loved ones, and the public.