The Route

Starting March 19, 2018, Christian will make his way from New York to San Francisco. Along the way, he will be engaging with as many people as possible on topics of child abuse, serving as voice for those survivors living every day with the effects of PTSD and trauma. If you are interested in having Christian visit your organization, speak at an event, or if you simply want to join him on the road, reach out to us.


Detailed Route - A Day-by-Day Calendar

The Run2Heal team has developed a day-by-day calendar based on running ~30 miles a day, 5 days of a 7-day week. See below for a detailed map -- sign up forms are embedded if you are interested in running with Christian!

Last updated: November 15, 2017

Use this map to sign up to run with Christian! Zoom in along the path until you see the segments of the run you would like to join in for (you should zoom until you can see the colored lines between each point, not just the points). Click on the segment you'd like to join in on - a link to a Google form will pop up along the side for you to click.

FYI: the three bright colors are for each leg of the race (pink = New York to Chicago, green = Chicago to Denver, and blue = Denver to San Francisco). The darker blue line below them is the actual path of the run.